A Big Event for Charity

I love my job. I get so much energy from working in the business industry. The possibilities are endless. I work as an executive for a major financial firm. We are to best at what we do. I take great pride in providing the best financial services to our customers and their families. I recently faced an important challenge. I was placed in charge of our annual corporate Christmas gala. It is a big event that is used to help needy families at Christmas time. I needed to find corporate entertainers to make the event work. A lot of people were counting on me to make the gala a big hit.

Our annual gala was started ten years ago by our CEO Carl Thompson. He was a bit of a Scrooge in the past, but he eventually discovered the Christmas spirit. His wife talked him into playing Santa Claus at the mall. All of the children came to his and asked for things for Christmas. He felt bad that some of the kids were very poor and were struggling to have a nice Christmas.

Mr. Thompson decided he would use his company and wealth to help those that were less fortunate than him. He decided to hold a fundraising gala with his wealthy friends and associates. The gala would raise money to buy toys and gifts for needy families.

Ir was my turn to organize there gala. I knew that there was a lot riding on the success of the gala. I had to make sure that the guest would arrive and donate as much money as possible. I knew that I needed the best entertainment to attract the most influential guests. I hired a world-renowned jazz band to play at the gala. Some of Mr. Thompson’s associates were fans of their music. I also hired a caterer to provide us with luxurious meals and drinks. I spared not expense.

The gala went off without a hitch. We raised more money than last year. Mr. Thompson was very pleased with my work. I felt good knowing that I helped some needy person have a happy holiday.


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