A Friend Likes a Challenge

A friend of mine challenged me to a sit up contest because he was so sure that he could do more than me. This friend has always been competitive with me and always tries to prove that he’s the strongest. Once he challenged me to a push up contest and I beat him easily with over 100. Now that we’re older, we can’t do these challenges the same way. I had to see a chiropractor in Redding CA because my back was hurting really badly after doing the challenge. I still won the challenge, but I’m not really sure if it was worth it this time.

The chiropractor told me that I would be fine, but I would have to take it easy on the sit ups and other hard exercises that would put a strain on my back. My friend was ready for another sit up challenge just a couple of days after the last one. I don’t get why he always has to keep challenging me when there are plenty of other people that he could find. I told him that I couldn’t because my back was injured, and he called me a chicken, which made no sense, especially because I was the one who beat him the last time.

For the next couple of weeks, I had to hear my friend taunting me over and over, and I couldn’t take it anymore. This time, I challenged my friend to a competition. I bet that I would be able to beat him in a regular old foot race, and he accepted. I easily outran him and he accused me of cheating, even though there was no real way that I could have cheated in a foot race without a car or some other kind of vehicle to get me to the finish line.


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