An Apartment That Allows Dogs

When I decided to look for a new apartment, it was mainly for one reason. I was lonely! I know some people may think that I was looking to be more social at another apartment complex, but I was already married. The problem was, my husband is a long distance trucker, so he is away more than he is home. He told me I should get us a dog so I am not so lonely, but our apartment did not allow pets. I looked at others, and the Bentley Apartments in Columbia SC was perfect for us in so many ways.

It allows not only one pet but two. That made me feel really good because I had wanted to get a puppy but I knew that one would be lonely like me when I was not home. I was going to get a cat until I saw that I could get two! There were other reasons why I really liked this apartment too. We were living in a one bedroom apartment, which meant that we were pretty cramped since I work from home. That meant that living room doubled as my office, which was barely big enough to serve as just a living room.

The apartments at Bentley were spacious, and they had two bedroom units available. I really liked the layout of the rooms, and I applied online for one of the two bedroom units. I did not have to wait for my husband because I was able to show him the unit that I liked with a web link. He liked it too, especially the fitness center that is one of the community amenities. Our application was accepted quickly, and we were able to move in within a couple of weeks when he was home next. I like it here so much better, and he does too!


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