Breaking Down the Netflix Barrier

I thought Netflix in Canada had everything when it came to movies and television shows, but I learned from one of my friends that much of the content from America wasn’t available on the Canadian version. This was one of those cases where ignorance wasn’t bliss, because there were so many things that I wanted to see, but couldn’t because they were locked behind the American servers. Luckily, my friend found a way to bypass the Canadian servers and go straight to the American ones. He told me to visit for some tips that would help me expand the amount of content available to me.

In order to get to the American side of Netflix, I had to make an account on a website. The website has a way of getting past the IP address blocks that Netflix put in place to make sure that no one from any other country can access the American servers. It’s a mystery to me why they would want to block the rest of their customers outside of America from accessing the American servers. Maybe they want to find some kind of way to get more money out of customers.

After setting up the account, I logged back into Netflix and switched over to their American servers. Some of their original television shows had episodes that weren’t available on the Canadian servers, and weren’t scheduled to appear until a couple of months later. There were also some movies that were only available for mail rental in Canada, but in America, they could easily be streamed. When comparing the content that was exclusive to the Canadian server, it was nothing compared to the exclusives the Americans were enjoying. I think I should start a petition to convince Netflix to stop splitting their servers among countries.


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