Dating is an Emotional Investment

Not all men are created equal. Some of us are more attractive than the next guy while some of us are far more suave when it comes to speaking with the ladies. I don’t think that I’m exactly unattractive but neither have I had many issues with the opposite sex. So why is it that I prefer to find my partners through instead of going to bars or using Tinder? I’ve grown incredibly tired of the dating scene. It’s not that I only need more physical pursuits to be satisfied, I have plenty of friendships which emotionally and intellectually satisfy me, but the whole dating scene is nothing more than a game.

I like to cut through the red tape and get to the point. If I want a friend that’s easily found. I’ve not once had an issue making friends and I’m happy with the circle of friends that I do have. Sometimes I may need something more without complicating things and there’s nothing wrong with that. Choosing an escort over a date makes the whole affair far more simple and far easier than the whole dating process would demand of someone. Usually, it’s cheaper too.

Going out on a date is like being something of a peacock. You have to put yourself on display without really opening up yourself to the other person. I think that’s a shame. You have to go through multiple dates to even begin scratching at the surface of a person while trying to make the decision of whether you should continue to date this person or not. See? It’s exhausting. We spend so much money and emotional energy just to make the decision of trusting the other person or not. I’ll continue skipping that for the time being until I meet someone who changes my mind.


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