I Am Not Prepared Baltimore

When I began the search for a new job, I didn’t imagine myself moving to Baltimore. It was the city I had always hard to be the stomping ground of the rich and further north than I had ever lived, or wanted to live. I’d experienced a winter in New York once when I was 17 which was enough of a winter to make me consider carefully the notion of northern living. Things change as you grow older and this was the kind of job I couldn’t afford to turn down. I settled in at 101 Ellwood Apartments thanks to my new employer who helped me find the place.

This is my first experience working for an employer who actually appears to care about their employees. Sure, I’m a fresh graduate going into my ‘first’ serious job so my job experience might be lacking. Comparing my experience to what my friends are saying about their own, I feel like I’ve struck gold. I’m waiting for the other shoe to drop and for this guy to turn into Mr. Hyde or maybe open up the wrong door at work and find myself confront with child labor. For now, I’m content with what I have.

I’m still not looking forward to winters here. I’ve heard some pretty intense horror stories and I’m afraid that my southern, warm blood is not going to be prepared for it. Not once have I ever had to put chains on my car’s tires – I didn’t even know that I was a thing that you could do! Hopefully my boss will be nice enough to provide an all terrain vehicle because I don’t think my SmartCar is going to be cut out for this kind of thing. Ah, well, I suppose this is what being an adult is all about.


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