I Had a Lot of Fun Seeing People from My Past

One of my best friends called to say that our high school reunion would be taking place in just three months. He and I met during our first year of high school and we graduated together. I never gave much thought to meeting up with old school friends that I had not spoken to in years, but my best friend made it sound fun, so I decided to go. He joked that he was thinking of getting an escort from Divaseliteescorts because he does not have a girlfriend and was not sure if he wanted to go to the event alone. Poor guy! But I explained that he would not be alone because I would be there to hang out with him.

I ended up volunteering to help out with the committee that was putting together all of the weekend’s events. I surprised myself by how involved I was getting, especially since I had given no thought to attending one of these types of things before. It was a lot of fun to meet with old friends every couple of weeks so that we could get everything ironed out. We also kept in touch via email and phone calls so that we could make sure that we discussed everything that we needed to.

When the reunion weekend rolled around, I was really looking forward to it. On the first night, everyone met at a popular restaurant that has a bar. I thought for sure that it would not be easy to recognize me after 20 years, but there were a steady stream of people who recognized me the moment they saw me. Then, on the next day, we met at the beach for a day of fun. When the sun went down, we had a cook out and drinks on the beach. On Sunday, we all went out on a daytime cruise and had dinner on the boat that night.


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