I Started a New Job

I was not really too surprised when I started my new job, but then I realized that the guy who put out the help wanted sign was a Beverly Hills chiropractor which is not really logical for me to be surprised. It is surprising to me since the rent is going to be really high and thus you would have to raise your prices to make up the difference. It is not so hard to find a chiropractor, but I have no real idea how you figure out what is a good recommendation when you look at things on the web. Nothing in that area can really be trusted so far as I could tell. A bad one might be some guy’s ex girlfriend or their worst enemy. If it is a good one, then that could be their Mom pretending to be a customer. You just do not know it is someone, but you never know if it some person that you can really trust.

In fact my job was pretty easy, but it is just temporary I think. I did not realize that when I came in for the interview. Apparently the girl who used to sit at this desk has suddenly decided to get married and the chiropractor is not very pleased about it. At any rate I just answer the phone and take messages so far. There is probably a lot more to it, but I have not had to learn too much in the couple of days that I have been there. I am not sure when the other girl is going to come back, or if she will. Apparently the guy that she married has a whole lot of money and that means that she may not need to go back to this job.


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