I Tried a New App to Monitor Snapchat

I trust my boyfriend, but he really does spend a lot of time on his phone. Every time I looked over at him, he seems to be on Snapchat. That’s why I decided to do a little bit of investigating and use Snaphack to keep tabs on him. Doing so would help keep my mind at ease, and make our relationship even stronger. That’s why I was willing to try out this new program. I didn’t even have to download anything on my phone.

I found out about this app from one of my friends. She said that she had been using it on her boyfriend for a few weeks, and he didn’t even know. I asked her how that was possible, and she said she wasn’t sure, but if he knew about it, he would’ve asked her already. She said that it’s completely anonymous, most likely because you never ever have to install anything on your phone. It’s all done on the web. So, that helps you stay anonymous through the entire process. She encouraged me to install it so that I would stop worrying and have peace of mind.

I’m not the most technical person in the world, but I was convinced that I would be able to use this program on my own. After following the instructions on the website, all I had to do was enter my boyfriend’s Snapchat username, and I was in. It was that easy. I thought I was going to have to do a lot more to set things up, but they took care of all of the technical stuff on their end. In a very short amount of time, I was able to look through his account and determine that his activity on snapshot was not inappropriate. I was worrying for nothing. I’m glad I was able to put that to rest.


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