My Big Birthday Gift from My Wife

Trust is a very important aspect in any relationship in life. If there is no trust, there can be no relationship. When two people become husband and wife, they have to trust each other to be faithful and honor their marriage vows. My wife Jinju and I have been married for two years. She is the love my life. I will do anything for her. In the past, our marriage hit a snag. We didn’t spend enough time with each other anymore. For a while, I thought she was seeing another man. I used kik spy to investigate her. I had to know the truth.

Two weeks ago, Jinju and I got into an argument. I was upset about us not spending time together. She blamed it on her job as a lawyer. She spent long hours away from for and failed to commit to her duties as a wife. She did not have time to have a fresh, home-cooked meal with me. I confronted her, but she got mad with me.

I was in my kitchen and I overheard my wife talking to someone on her cellphone. She did not know that I was listening to her conversation. She was laughing and joking on the phone. When she hung up, I went to go see who it was. The call she received was from a guy named Steve Thomas. He was one of my wife’s partners at the law firm where she worked. I always had a bad feeling about Steve. I had this feeling that he wanted my wife for himself. I spied on some of their phone calls.

I tracked them down to their office. They were there together all alone. I stormed in and confronted them. I questioned them about what they were doing. Jinju pulled out a gift-wrapped box with a blue bow and handed it to me. I opened the box. it was a new laptop. The laptop was my birthday present for next week. Steve helped her buy the laptop. My wife was faithful to me.


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