My Weekend Was Great with All My Old Friends

Back when I was in school, I hung out with five guys, who became my closets friends all throughout our college years. Outside of classes, we spent most of our free time together. But after school, we each had to head in different directions in order to find employment. I didn’t get a chance to see any of them until recently. They surprised me recently by inviting me to a weekend trip, and they were bringing their wives. Feeling embarrassed that I had not been able to find a lovely woman to marry, I hired a Londongirlescort to be my “date” for the weekend.

When all the girls learned before the trip that I’m not married, there was a lot of ribbing that went on. They asked if I was still trying to play the field and asked if the problem is that all the single women know that I’m trouble. It made me feel bad that they couldn’t simply accept that I am single. I just work hard, do not have a lot of time for dating and I just have not been lucky enough to find the right women. I told them not to worry because I would be bringing my girlfriend. The problem is that I did not have a girlfriend to bring with me.

So, I called the previously named company and asked them if I could hire someone for the weekend who would play along as my long-term girlfriend. They said that was not a problem and had just the person for me. I met her a few hours before we left for the trip. I gave her some background info about myself so that it would see like she had known me a long time. She is a stunningly beautiful lady. All my old friends were jealous and impressed with her when they met her.


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