No Longer Tied to a Network

I signed up under a certain mobile provide because they had a deal on iPhones. The phone was great, but I wasn’t getting a good signal strength with it, regardless of where I was. I complained to the provider, but they wouldn’t do anything about it. They also started raising their prices after only a couple of months of service. I wanted to movie to a different provider, so I used to unlock the phone from the one that I didn’t like. The provider was furious that I wanted to move away from their network, and wanted to charge me termination fees, but the plan I signed up with prevented this.

My phone was free from the provider, but I was left with a more difficult task of figuring out which provider to use. Some of my friends have phones with a few of the other providers, so I know what their reception is like, but I wanted some information on some of the cheaper providers that use the major providers networks for service. You can easily get a SIM card for the cheap providers from a lot of stores, and even from some super markets.

The best thing about using one of the cheaper providers is that they don’t carry the same pricing rules and restrictions as the bigger ones. The provider I chose allowed for unlimited data, which is something that the other provider didn’t. The more expensive provider only had expensive tiered data plans, where they only offered a certain amount for a high price, and had no option for unlimited. I pay a lower monthly price with the cheaper provider, and I’m not locked into any kind of contract. I can simply leave if I ever want to, and just pop in a new SIM card into the unlocked phone.


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