Started to Plan a Bachelor Party

I was not sure what my boss wanted when he called me into his office the other day. After I got there he started talking about some random stuff that was not really relevant to anything and I really got confused. Of course he was not willing to talk about the real topic in his office and invited me out to lunch. In fact we never went to lunch. We walked around and he told me that he needed someone to plan a bachelor party. He gave me the blueprints and the business card of Obviously he is a married man and the fact that he was going to be paying the bills in part was not something that he wanted to make the papers so to speak. At the end he gave me a platinum card with the name of a company that I had never heard of. There was no reason I would have, it was set up as a front by he and several dozen other businessmen. I had a folder with all of the basic information and I got a week off from work. Of course in theory I was stealing from the company, as I was still on the clock. However in reality there is not a lot of difference between the company and the boss. One is pretty much the same as the other, so it is not really a big deal so long as he is the one telling me what I need to do. I was not supposed to know who the bachelor party was for, but the escort service apparently knew and they told me by accident. They figured it by the specific instructions that I had been given. Apparently most of these girls are from some other place, but I had a very specific type of girl that I had to vet.


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