The Neighborhood is Watching You

Since the installation of the Pyronix burglar alarms by practically everyone in the neighborhood, everyone has been able to get a good nights sleep. Before that, everyone was on edge, and was basically accusing everyone of breaking into everyone elses homes. There had been a string of burglaries performed by some mysterious person and no one was able to see who was doing it. The person would do it at different times during the night, and even though there was a little neighborhood watch set up, no one still caught them.

Although everyone put their best effort forward, they couldn’t be everywhere and watch everything at once, so they decided to let the machines do it. The alarm systems had cameras that would be able to see anything and everything, and in the event that someone was breaking into the homes, they would record the event and call the police at the same time. Every night turned into the waiting game, and one of two things would happen. Either the burglar would be caught, or the alarm systems would scare him away because he would be to afraid of getting caught to break into another home. One case was better than the other, but I was fine with either one.

A long time went by until the next burglary attempt. I think the burglar wanted to wait until things died down before trying it again. He was expecting us to be lulled into a false sense of security by our systems, and then he would make his strike. His efforts were for nothing, because as soon as he tried to break into the next home, the alarm system went off, and it wasn’t long before the police were able to catch him on foot. I don’t know if he had any plans to outrun the police, or if he had an accomplice for an escape.


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