We Needed Professional Solicitation Help

When my husband got hurt while out at a store, I knew that we were going to need some help when the blame game started. The store blamed an independent construction group, who in turn blamed the store. They were so busy blaming each other that they forgot all about my husband and his injuries. I went online and looked up injuries board because I wanted to get as much information as I could on what to do to make sure my husband got the help that he needed to recover from his injuries.

We are not talking about minor injuries. He was significantly injured to the point where he missed nearly four months of work due to his recovery from multiple surgeries. We fell behind in a lot of our bills because we went through our savings so quickly, and we just needed some help in pointing us in the right direction. That is how I discovered Baggot Law, which is a solicitation firm that really helped make things right for us. The store was finally made to help with this rather than the construction company, and we had to make sure that all of the paperwork we submitted was done so properly.

We knew that he was in for a long road of recovery, and he still may end up losing his job because he is just not able to perform the way he was able to before the accident. Having a professional solicitor help us every step of the process has been such a blessing to us. We felt alone before we were able to retain their services, but we have since discovered that we definitely have people in our corner on this, people who want to see my husband get not only justice but also compensation for what all he has lost.


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