What Are the Laws About This Sort of Hacking?

I got to wondering this the other day. I was in the library working on one of my term papers, but the place was packed and there were several people I did not know beside me. One of them was talking about some sort of kik hack he had found, he claimed that he was using it to spy on his girlfriend. He apparently claimed that he had caught her flirting with some other guy. Of course I had no idea who he or the girl was, but he seemed to be quite proud of himself. I was somewhat surprised that you could do something like that and not be worried about getting caught. I was wondering what are the laws about this sort of hacking? I did a bit of research and I realized that there was some obvious ground rules, but no clear laws about this sort of thing.

The big thing is ownership, obviously if you own a phone then you can do pretty much what you like. There are some obvious limits, but if you buy a phone and then give it to your girl or your child. Then you can spy on them with no legal recourse. It is your phone after all, so the other laws are not going to apply to you. That is quite logical and obvious, but beyond that it is not at all clear what is legal and what is illegal. There do not seem to be very clear laws when it comes to social media apps like this. Of course you would think that they would be covered by existing laws about wiretapping. Those can vary a lot though and it is not clear that there are any hard and fast rules about this sort of thing. At least I could not figure out if there were.


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